We are a Christian Science College, based in Calabar, Nigeria. Teaching people what it means to be Christian young men and women, particularly in the fields of science and technology.

The Nigerian Christian Science College was founded in 2001 by Uduak and Peter Afangideh. We started the school to help empower students with knowledge and skills in STEM related subjects, while giving them the love and support of a Christian environment and a moral guidance rooted in Christian values. 

Since then, the CSC has grown from one Campus, in to two, with one on the banks of The Cross River, 

We have also added a nursery school, a creche, and a comprehensive online education platform to our offerings, in order to more effectively serve our current and future pupils.

Here at the Christian Science College, we are centered on the young minds God has given us to nurture. We believe they are the future, and the mission of our institute for the last 20 years has been developing their talent. 

So we have featured them here.

Take a look around, these young faces are the Christian Science College